Shipping and payment

Schedule an online store from 9:00 to 18:00 The method of delivery and payment is chosen by the buyer when ordering.
  • Delivery of goods to the department of "New Mail" of your city in Ukraine is carried out from Monday to Friday.
  • Terms of delivery. When making an order before 11:00 and subject to receipt of full payment before 13:00 your order will be sent on the same day before 18:00.
  • The delivery time on average takes 1-3 days according to the schedule of the New Mail. In order to receive the parcel at the New Mail warehouse, you must present your passport and give the declaration number, which the manager will inform you in advance. With the help of the internal service of New Mail you can track your order on their website.
  • The cost of delivery of goods is carried out according to the tariffs of New Mail

International delivery Conditions, terms, cost of delivery to other countries of our products are INDIVIDUAL. For information you need to contact the manager


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